The purpose behind the trail is to provide community based, sustainable education and employment to the isolated farming community of the Groenfontein valley in the Little Karoo.


Stepping Stones was started by ourselves 3 years ago. There is no other possibility for these farm children to be prepared for their first year at school. The school is presently located in the building which you saw together with Hans with 8 children attending classes this year, as we are not able to accept more children due to lack of resources. The school is also expected to grow in the future as there are many young toddlers in the valley at present. Funding is being done entirely by ourselves at the moment and consists of:

  • Providing premises
  • Providing transportation in a farm pickup/bakkie and a driver
  • Employment of a teacher Refreshments for the children each day
  • Maintenance of facilities Provision of electricity and water
  • Teaching materials and toys.

Short and long term vision

Our vision for the future is to offer a Creche for ages 4-5 (as many mothers work), a Preschool for ages 5-6, and a junior school up to the age of 10-11 years old. Once these goals have been achieved, we will need to review our transportation situation, depending of numbers.

Our long term vision is to provide an environmentally based education platform, ultimately creating sustainable employment opportunities for this specific rural community in conservation and tourism. A percentage of profits generated from the Donkey Trail will be made available to support this vision.

Immediate needs identified

In order to achieve our short term goals we have identified the following needs:

  • teachers at budget cost R4000 per month
  • Vehicle for transportation at a 12 seat vehicle as we do transport the children in turns, not all at once
  • Caretaker for school facilities R1600 per month
  • Upgrading of girls and boys bathroom facilities R10 000
  • School playground for children R20 000

We provide

  • Management of staff and school activities
  • Unlimited use of the buildings and maintenance thereof
  • A driver and safe storage for the bus as well as management and other statutory requirements
  • Water, and electricity Food for the children
  • Toys and educational materials
  • Continued liaison with current government school headmasters, facilitating a successful transfer to the next school.

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